XWG AMA RECAP(Sep 20 Wed): Token2049 Gamefi Share Thoughts -Roundtable

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3 min readSep 22, 2023

The recent Token2049 conference in Singapore highlighted the growing enthusiasm surrounding blockchain gaming. In a Twitter Space hosted by [X World Games](https://twitter.com/XWorldGames), several gaming projects came together to share insights from Token2049 and discuss how the industry is poised for the next bull market.

The panel featured speakers from Puff Verse, Seraph in the Darkness, EOS Network Foundation, and Utiverse. They talked about their key takeaways from Token2049, plans to integrate concepts like play-to-earn and AI, thoughts on marketing strategies, and hopes for blockchain gaming moving forward.

Key Takeaways From Token2049

The prevailing sentiment among the speakers was that blockchain gaming is very much alive and thriving, despite the current bear market. The vibrant and enthusiastic community in Singapore served as a testament to this fact. What stood out were the significant improvements in gameplay quality and a surge in the number of high-quality titles entering the market.

Unlike previous conferences that were largely centered around fundraising, Token2049 this year showcased actual games. This shift underscores the industry’s maturation process, with a focus on delivering authentic gaming experiences.

Integrating Emerging Concepts

Our esteemed panel delved into the fascinating world of emerging concepts such as play-to-earn, NFTs, AI, and the metaverse. While these ideas hold immense promise, the consensus was that a measured approach to integration is essential. Right now, the priority is establishing rock-solid gameplay foundations. As adoption and revenues scale, projects will have the resources to seamlessly integrate AI, VR, and other advanced concepts, ushering in the next bull market.

Customizing for Each Market

Understanding the nuances of different markets is crucial for global adoption. Factors like disposable income, gaming customs, and user preferences vary significantly across regions such as the US, Asia, and Latin America. Our panelists stressed the importance of localizing messaging and gameplay incentives. However, they also recognized the universal appeal of marketing tactics like leveraging influencers and fostering community engagement.

What’s Next for Blockchain Gaming

Looking forward, our speakers expressed their hopes for greater mainstream adoption, support from app stores, and groundbreaking gameplay innovations during the next bull cycle. The focus has shifted from hype to user-centric experiences and long-term engagement. Decentralized governance for in-game economies has sparked particular excitement, as it promises to deliver real utility and value to gamers beyond mere speculation.

Gearing Up For The Next Wave

Blockchain gaming has evolved significantly since its early days of exuberance and hype. The discussions at Token2049 have highlighted an industry that is determined to seamlessly integrate cryptocurrency into gaming for the benefit of real end users. With development accelerating and mainstream interest surging, the stage is set for the next phase of explosive growth.

In conclusion, the resounding message from our panelists is clear: gameplay comes first and foremost. While market conditions may fluctuate, the unwavering commitment to delivering value to gamers will be the driving force behind the long-term success of blockchain gaming.

As we embark on this exciting journey, we invite you to stay tuned to X World Games for the latest updates, innovations, and insights that will shape the future of blockchain gaming. Together, we’re ushering in a new era where gaming and blockchain harmoniously coexist, creating a world of possibilities for players and creators alike.



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