X World Games & XPlay and Burning Soul Successfully Join Hands

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2 min readApr 15, 2024

X World Games and XPlay are thrilled to announce their collaboration, marking a significant step forward in the realm of immersive entertainment.

XPlay is a new online streaming media platform based on VisionOS, focusing on the 3D video domain within the VisionOS ecosystem. It will support various video formats, such as Spatial, Side By Side, and Top Bottom, covering traditional 180°/360° fisheye 3D videos as well as new spatial videos. In the future, XPlay’s streaming content will extend across various VR ecosystems supported by VisionOS.

The XPlay platform is expected to launch in Q4 2024, simultaneously with the debut of its first self-produced MR interactive film IP, ‘Burning Soul.’ A follow-up installment is anticipated for release in 2025. At that time, announcements of popular content and various operational activities for both films and games will be initially released on the XPlay platform.

‘Burning Soul 1’ will gradually roll out MR, PC, and mobile versions starting from Q4 2024, and will be available on platforms including, but not limited to, VisionOS XPlay, Oculus Store, Steam VR, Steam, Epic Games Store, App Store, and Google Play. Additionally, various IP derivative products will also be launched concurrently. This immersive film IP is expected to continue its development, aiming to attract over 1 million paying users globally and achieve revenues exceeding $30 million.

Currently, the MR streaming platform XPlay and the large-scale MR interactive film ‘Burning Soul 1’ have successfully partnered with X World Games. Both parties have reached preliminary cooperation intentions and will continue to strengthen multilateral cooperation in the fields of VR, MR content, and games in the Web 3.0 domain, striving to create a win-win situation.

This collaboration represents a strategic alignment between X World Games, XPlay, and ‘Burning Soul 1,’ fostering a synergistic relationship in the realm of VR, MR content, and gaming within the Web 3.0 domain. Together, we aim to create a dynamic and immersive entertainment ecosystem that captivates audiences worldwide, ushering in a new era of interactive storytelling and immersive experiences. Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this exciting journey together!

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