X World Games: October Monthly Report

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3 min readOct 31, 2023


Greetings, XWG Community!

As the leaves turn golden and the winds of change sweep through the gaming cosmos, we’re thrilled to bring you the October chapter of our saga. This month, we’ve ventured into uncharted territories, forging new alliances and unveiling groundbreaking features that are set to redefine your gaming experience. Here’s a glimpse of our adventures in October:

1. Puffverse Joins the XWG Universe! 🌌

Set your sails, adventurers! Puffverse has officially docked on our platform. Dive into the enchanting world of @Puffverse right here on XWG and experience the magic. To celebrate, we’re hosting an epic giveaway. [Join the Adventure]

2. Introducing XWG NFT Collection: Your Gateway to Digital Treasures! 🎉

Prepare for a revolution in gaming! We’re thrilled to announce our latest innovation: the XWG NFT Collection. Coming soon, this feature will be your portal to a world of comprehensive game info, diverse NFT collections, and detailed insights. Get ready to explore gaming like never before — [Stay Tuned]

3. Welcome BurgerCities to the XWG Family! 🍔

Get ready for a sizzling partnership! BurgerCities has joined forces with XWG, and we’re celebrating with a fantastic giveaway. 200 $BurgerDiamonds, 40 Blue & 10 Purple #BurgerPass are up for grabs. Indulge in the burger madness — [Claim Your Feast]

4. DragonMaster Unleashes Its Power! 🐉

Hold on to your swords, DragonMaster has landed in the XWG realm! We’re ecstatic to be the first cross-game & cross-play Web3 gaming infrastructure for DragonMaster. To celebrate this union, an incredible #Giveaway event awaits. Embrace the dragon’s might — [Join the Quest]

5. XWG NFT Collection Launch: Discover Digital Treasures!

The moment you’ve been waiting for is here! Our NFT Collection has officially launched. The update includes a Collection section on the game details page, allowing players to explore associated NFT Collections with an added aesthetic charm. We focus on providing essential details about each collection, categorizing them into Profile Pictures, Skins, Cards, Consumables, Characters, Mystery Boxes, Loots, Lands, and Passes.

We designed the Collection and NFT pages as a standard NFT Marketplace, preparing for upcoming NFT transaction features. We are dedicated to continuously developing new features, promising to redefine the future of blockchain gaming with the support and enthusiasm of the gaming community.

For an in-depth exploration, check out our [Medium Article]

6. Exclusive Twitter Space Event with Coresky! 🚀

In the vast expanse of Twitter Space, XWG embarked on an exclusive journey with @coreskyofficial. We delved into the latest investment opportunities, featuring insights from @oortchair, the Foundation Chairman of Oort. Exciting projects await — [Catch the Replay]

As October bids adieu, we eagerly anticipate the adventures that November holds. With your unwavering support, we continue to push boundaries, creating a gaming universe where every player is a hero. Get ready for what lies ahead, fellow adventurers. Together, we’ll make November legendary!

Stay tuned, and stay adventurous!

Warm regards,

The X World Games Team



X World Games Official

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