X World Games November Monthly Report: Embracing New Horizons

X World Games Official
3 min readDec 1, 2023

Dear X World Games Community,

As we journey through the ever-expanding universe of Web3 gaming, November has been nothing short of exhilarating. Our spaceship, fueled by your support, has ventured into new realms, forging alliances, and creating gaming experiences that transcend boundaries. Let’s dive into the cosmic waves of our November adventures.

1. Formacar Drives Into XWG with a Roaring Welcome!

Formacar joins the X World Games platform, bringing speed and excitement. To celebrate, we’re revving up game giveaways. Buckle up!

2. Game-Changing AMA with Monsterra: Unveiling the Power of Web3!

3. MagicCraft Joins X World Games — Unveiling 10 Revelation NFTs!

A magical partnership unfolds as MagicCraft becomes a part of the XWG family. Dive into enchanting giveaways featuring 10 Revelation NFTs!

4. Welcoming Club3xyz to the X World Games Universe!

5. Cheers_Land Raises a Toast to Partnership with XWG! 🥂

6. Coolwallet Collaboration: Exclusive Prizes Await!

X World Games and Coolwallet join forces! Participate in our exclusive giveaway to snag a Coolwallet Pro electronic wallet and more.

7. Giveaway HQ Partnership: A Prelude to Exciting Airdrop Events!

8. Legend of Arcadia Joins the Gaming Odyssey! 🎮

A legendary partnership with LegendofArcadia! Celebrate with us and stand a chance to win 100 LOA Witness Pass WLs!

9. Club3xyz Collaboration Giveaway: $100 USDT Prize Pool!

10. Hero Card Officially Live on DApp Radar!

11. Shareverse Unites with X World Games in a Spectacular Collaboration!

12. CounterFire Takes the Stage: A New Anime MOBA Adventure!

CounterFire partners with X World Games, offering exclusive perks. Stay tuned for updates!

13. Thanksgiving Events: A Bounty of Blessings with XWG! 🍂

Gratitude fills the air as X World Games, ACGWORLDS_META, and denet2022 host a Thanksgiving Day Party Round. Join the festivities and win over 5,000 $USDT, NFTs, and tokens!

14. X World Games Partner Network Unveils November’s Stars!

15. Twitter Space Celebration with 5 Projects: GameFi and DeFi Insights!

16. Bee Network Ecosystem Partnership Blossoms! 🐝

17. ReAnimaGame Partnership: Unleashing In-Game Beta Rewards!

X World Games welcomes ReAnimaGame with a bang! Join our giveaway for a chance to win 2 Genesis NFTs, 30 Mystery Boxes, and 50 in-game beta gift codes.

18. Heroes Battle Arena Joins the XWG Roster!

Heroes Battle Arena steps onto the battlefield, and to celebrate, we’re hosting giveaway events. Ready your swords!

19. DeChat_io Partnership: Pioneering Decentralized Communication! 🤝

20. XWG Community Vote Events: Your Voice Shapes Our Future!

Your voice matters! Participate in our community vote events and help shape the future of X World Games.

21. Newland Club: A Dual Moment with X World Games!

22. XWG Gains Momentum on Gamefi.to

The gaming universe recognizes our strides! X World Games stands tall as the Biggest Gainer on Gamefi.to. Your support propels us to new heights in the dynamic world of GameFi.

23.Noahswap Collaboration: Minting $NOAH with $XWG (ETH)

November has woven a cosmic tapestry of partnerships, events, and gaming delights. As we navigate the vastness of Web3 gaming, your support propels us forward. We extend our gratitude to each member of the XWG community for being an integral part of this exciting journey.

Stay tuned for more cosmic adventures, and let’s continue shaping the future of gaming together!

Warm regards,

X World Games Team



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