X World Games March Monthly Report

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3 min readApr 1, 2024

March has been a busy month for X World Games, marked by numerous collaborations, strategic partnerships, and significant events. Here, we provide a comprehensive summary of the pivotal developments that have taken place, demonstrating our commitment to expanding and enhancing the Web3 gaming ecosystem.

Strategic Partnerships

  • Crystal Fun Collaboration: We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with @playCrystalFun, integrating X World Games with OUTER, a AAA science fiction open world online game. This partnership promises to offer XWG community members 50 OUTER Close Beta WL rewards, facilitating exploration in unknown galaxies and participation in interstellar wars within the large Crystal Fun game ecosystem
  • HypeSaints Integration: X World Games joins hands with 13 projects for a joint event, marking a significant step towards broader accessibility and engagement within the Web3 space.
  • Zoppel Universe Collaboration: We’re announcing the winners of the Zoppel Universe X XWG Games Partnership Contests 1 & 2. This collaboration highlights our ongoing efforts to engage and reward our community members actively.
  • 0xMOSSAI Partnership: XWG has partnered with @0xMOSSAI, an on-chain AI world. This partnership is a leap towards integrating AI innovation within the blockchain gaming sector.
  • REI Network Alliance: In collaboration with the REI Network team, we’re bringing a top-tier Web3 gaming platform to our users, complete with comprehensive blockchain game insights and seamless asset trading, ensuring our community stays ahead in the game.
  • MINE WARZ Listing: Proudly announcing our listing and partnership with MINE WARZ, underscoring our commitment to diversifying the gaming experiences available on our platform.
  • BattleRise Game Collaboration: We have entered into a partnership with @BattleRiseGame, a Mid-Core D&D style adventure game. This collaboration enriches our platform with live PvP battles and offers 50 BattleRise Game codes as rewards.
  • Additional Partnerships: Our platform has also partnered with @HypeSaintsNFT, @TheSinVerse, and @HyperDustIO, expanding our ecosystem with diverse gaming experiences and rewards including HypeSaints APP invitation codes, 20,000 SIN tokens, and exclusive slots and rewards in HYPT currency.

Platform and Community Developments

  • Star Symphony Launch: Star Symphony is now live on X World Games, bringing an immersive gaming experience to our community through pioneering cross-play infrastructure.
  • X World Games Partner Network Expansion: Exciting developments and expansions within the XWG Partner Network were announced, highlighting our growing ecosystem.
  • Huge thanks to @BurgerCitiesBar for the special gift of our own domain, xwg.burger. This, combined with the support of @SpaceIDProtocol 3.0 infrastructure, opens up new possibilities for collaboration and innovation.
  • Volatility and Recognition: XWG is recognized as one of the top projects with the highest 30-day volatility, showcasing our dynamic presence in the Web3 gaming market.
  • New GameFi Project Partnership: Announcing our partnership with @BountyTemple, the 1st P2E-Evolution GameFi project by Orasis Studio.
  • Strategic Alliance with MetalineX: Our strategic partnership with MetalineX marks another step towards our commitment to innovation and collaboration within the blockchain gaming ecosystem.
  • Participation in SoonVerse Carnival Adventure: X World Games joined the #SoonVerse Carnival Adventure, contribution to the broader Web3 and gaming communities.

March has indeed been a month of remarkable growth and expansion for X World Games. Our strategic partnerships, platform developments, and community engagements reflect our steadfast commitment to providing an unparalleled gaming experience in the Web3 space. We look forward to continuing this momentum and delivering even more exciting updates in the coming months.

👉 For more information about the future of X World Games, please visit https://xwg.games/, stay tuned for more updates and let the adventure begin!

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