X World Games: December Monthly Report 2023

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4 min readJan 3, 2024
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Happy New Year 2024!

As we bid farewell to 2023 and step into the promising realms of 2024, the X World Games community reflects on a month filled with excitement, partnerships, and innovative strides in the Web3 gaming universe. The month of December brought forth 28 remarkable events that showcased the dynamic spirit of our platform. Let’s take a closer look at the key highlights that shaped our journey.

1. Exciting News from the X World Games Partner Network!

- In a whirlwind of enthusiasm, X World Games announced a series of partnerships with prominent projects such as @heroesbattlearn, @GMRCenter, @AngelicTheGame, and more.

2. Web3 Innovation Night: Celebrating 2023 in Cheers AMA

- An engaging AMA took place in the #SecondLiveMetaverse, featuring speakers from @TriplecPlatform, @xwg_games, and @sailwars, discussing the innovations of the past year.

3. Shareverse Superhero Joint Carnival with TaskOn

- XWG joined forces with #Shareverse for an event on #TaskOn, offering participants a chance to win $3000 USDT worth of prizes.

4. X World Games Welcomes CoinhomePro as a New Partner

- @coinhomepro announced its collaboration with X World Games, praising the platform as a Web3 gaming hub providing a seamless asset trading experience.

5. Tap Fantasy Joins X World Games

- The multi-chain MMORPG blockchain game, Tap Fantasy, became a part of the X World Games family, bringing exciting rewards for early enthusiasts.

6. Launchpad for BRC20 Ecology

- X World Games announced the launch of the #BRC20 ecology, inviting submissions for recommended BRC20 games with a chance to win $50 XWG.

7. Collaboration with GodeChain

- X World Games proudly revealed a collaboration with @godechain, hinting at groundbreaking advancements in the Web3 gaming space.

8. Bayesian Collaboration Unveiled

- A collaboration between Bayesian and X World Games was announced, promising innovations redefining the gaming experience.

9. Partnership with KeplerHomes

- X World Games teamed up with @KeplerHomes, offering participants a chance to win 5 KeplerLand WL each worth 10 USDT.

10. Web3 Gaming Talks Featuring X World Games

- X World Games joined a panel of distinguished guests in the Web3 Gaming Talks, contributing to discussions on the future of gaming.

11. Top Trending Blockchain Games

- X World Games emerged as one of the top trending blockchain games in the ecosystem.

12. Exciting News from the X World Games Partner Network (Part 2)

- X World Games continued to expand partner network, including collaborations with @Seraph_global, @tapfantasy2021, @binary_x, and more.

13. Partnership with Pixel Islands

- X World Games partnered with @Pixel_islands, offering 100 public test whitelists to participants.

14. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Giveaway

- In collaboration with @SecondLiveReal, @betfury_gaming, and others, X World Games hosted a festive giveaway with $USDT and $BEAN rewards.

15. Community Partnership with Web3Dubai

- X World Games announced a dynamic community partnership with @web3dubai_io, aiming to reshape the Web3 gaming landscape.

16. XMAS Event with Nabox Wallet

- Users had the chance to earn $600 and 20K $BEAN in the Christmas event hosted by @naboxwallet, @SecondLiveReal, @betfury_gaming, and X World Games.

17. Christmas Wish Campaign

- X World Games collaborated with @degame_l2y, @Puffverse, @Port3Network, and others for a Christmas Wish campaign, offering rewarding tasks for participants.

18. Partnership with Lasmetaio

- X World Games joined forces with @lasmetaio, offering $20 worth of $LASM to 5 lucky participants along with other exclusive rewards.

19. AMA on Play-to-Earn Gaming

- An insightful AMA on Play-to-Earn Gaming took place with @0xXLand, @DevolvedAI, @xwg_games, and @BattleCityHQ.

20. XLand Partnership Announcement

- XLand proudly announced its partnership with X World Games, celebrating with a giveaway of 20 #WL.

21. BAS Launch Announcement

- X World Games congratulated the launch of BAS and expressed excitement about co-creating an open and composable #BNB Dapp 2.0 ecosystem.

22. New Product Update

- X World Games unveiled a new product update aimed at enhancing the Gamefi experience and making gaming even more awesome.

23. Christmas Wishes from X World Games

- X World Games extended warm Christmas wishes to the community, expressing a desire to elevate Gamefi to new heights in 2024.

24. Nomination for Best Blockchain Game

- X World Games was nominated for the Best Blockchain Game at the @playtoearn_net 2023 Blockchain Game Awards.

25. Anticipation for 2024

  • As 2023 came to a close, representatives from @SecondLiveReal, @xwg_games, @betfury_gaming, and others shared their thoughts on anticipated fields and tracks in 2024.

26–28. GameFi Ecological Carnival Rounds 1–3

  • X World Games kicked off the new year with a series of GameFi Ecological Carnival rounds, collaborating with various projects for exciting events and rewards.

Wishing Everyone a Prosperous New Year!

With a month filled with milestones, partnerships, and community engagement, X World Games is poised for a remarkable journey ahead. As we step into 2024, we extend our heartfelt wishes to the entire X World Games community and the broader Web3 gaming ecosystem. May this new year bring unparalleled success, innovation, and joy to all our supporters and collaborators. Here’s to a year filled with exciting adventures in the world of Web3 gaming!



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