X World Games: August Monthly Recap

X World Games Official
3 min readSep 1, 2023


Greetings, Trailblazers of the Metaverse!

In a crescendo of Web3 advancements, X World Games has etched its name as the vanguard of the GamingRevolution. The ethereal melodies of August are fading into echoes, but the symphony of innovation we’ve composed will resonate for eons to come. As we stand at the precipice of September, let’s embark on a riveting journey through the tapestry of our August achievements.

1. Igniting the Web3 Phoenix:

Rise with us as we unveil a groundbreaking partnership with the key luminaries of the Web3 realm. Portal collaborative endeavor with @xwg_games is the catalyst propelling Web3 towards ubiquity. Behold, the maiden cross-game & cross-play infrastructure powered by $Portal. Brace for transcendence across Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Arbitrum, where your gaming voyage awaits.

2. Synergy with @okx and @okxweb3:

The symphony of our alliance reverberates! Seamlessly meld your OKX Wallet with the X World Games cosmos. As we intertwine, traverse the multi-dimensional expanse of XWG, now seamlessly integrated into OKX Discover. A veritable cosmic gateway to a seamless and enchanting gaming odyssey.

[Experience the Convergence]

3. Unveiling the Next Gaming Epoch:

Dive headlong into the auguries of our latest project update. Embark on a journey to unveil 20+ cutting-edge blockchain games that redefine the contours of immersive gameplay. Yet, this is just the beginning! We forge a path towards an exclusive NFT trading realm crafted for the denizens of the gaming cosmos.

[Decode the Revelation]

4. New games are on board! Metaverse Alchemy in Motion:

The ethereal realms of Secondlive and Mountain Sea World beckon. Prepare to be swept into a maelstrom of cross-game & cross-play Web3 gaming ecstasy. Embark on enchanting giveaways that transcend imagination. Enter, and traverse the interstellar wonders.

[Secondlive Enchantment]

Also, Fam, don’t forget to claim your Secondlive rewards:

[Mountain Sea World Odyssey]

5. Puffverse onboard to X World Games:

Dare to tread where imagination and reality intertwine? Say hello to Puffverse, the newest addition to our ever-growing gaming universe! Dive into thrilling features, exclusive rewards, and the ultimate #PuffSummerParty. Join the fun now!

[Puffverse Revelation]

6. The Extravaganza Continues:

The echoes of generous partnerships resound anew. Join us for exclusive giveaway galas, emblematic of our collaborative ethos. Witness the unveiling of our unified universe with Mountain Sea World and beyond.

[Exclusivity Awaits]

7. Welcoming Mhaya Game:

The tapestry of our universe expands as we fuse realms with Mhaya Game. Revel in an exclusive NFT giveaway event that mirrors our unswerving commitment to forging new frontiers.

As we bid adieu to August’s embers, the dawn of September beckons with promises yet uncharted. The symphony of X World Games resonates, and our narrative in the saga of Web3 GameFi continues. Ready yourselves, intrepid voyagers, for the forthcoming chapters, are bound to be nothing short of legendary. Keep your tokens in hand, and your digital adventures close — the GamingRevolution thrives!



X World Games Official

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