The skill slot of Common Cards to be unlocked

Hi X World Family,

On the occasion of the arrival of September, we will launch a New gameplay upgrade-unlocking the skill slot of the common card, allowing your white-card characters to have a total-new and powerful skill. The skill embedding upgrade can enrich the diversity and playability of the strategy on PvP battles, while players can experience more fun of skill unleash.

X World Games constantly contributes to building a user-friendly community and always loves to listen to our community. We have received many feedback, complaints, and suggestions from our global community, which is full of wisdom and benefit. All of the input are well received and under our consideration! Many thanks to our lovely community!

New feature introduction:

1.One skill slot of common cards is unlocked.

  • Common cards upgraded to 1st Gen 2 stars can activate skills.
  • If the skill activation conditions are met, click activation confirmation to make the skill effective.
  • White card skills are always level 1 and cannot be refreshed or reset.

2. Add Skill level refresh and random skill reset function.

  • Skill levels of Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Myth quality cards can be reset using skill book; Skill levels are 1~5; randomly assign skill levels each reset.
  • The 3 and 4 skill slots skills of Legendary and Myth quality cards can be reset using reset stones to get new random skills.

How to upgrade your common card:

Step 1. Purchase props through the mall;

Step 2. Find the card that needs to refresh the skill in the card column;

Step 3. Click on the card to enter the details page and enter the skill item;

Step 4. Click the reset skill button, choose “random level” or “reset skill”;

Step 5. Select the skill you want to change and click the reset button, and deduct one prop for each reset;

Step 6. Click the [Save] button after refreshing to the desired skill or level to reset successfully;

Step 7. Reset skills and random levels are irreversible after saving. Please operate carefully.

New skill props in the Mall

  • Skill book: the necessary props to refresh the random skill level of the card
  • Reset stone: the necessary props to reset the cards’ 3 and 4 skills

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