New Features, More Rewards: Updates to X World Games’ Event Function

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3 min readApr 23, 2024

X World Games is proud to announce significant upgrades to our Event function this Q1, offering participants the chance to win tokens and NFT rewards for the Gamefi user.

Since the launch of the event feature, we’ve hosted 14 events, with the largest attracting over 2k participants and an average participation of no less than 1k. This event feature has proven to be an effective way to attract precise GameFi users for various projects. For this reason, we have carried out a new upgrade of product experience!

Here are the detailed updates:

1. Introduction of Referral-Based Events:

We’re introducing Referral-based events where inviting friends to participate and complete tasks can earn you additional rewards. Referral will also be one of the empowering features for the Event functionality on the XWG website, significantly increasing your profit in events. We’ll continue to offer even more diverse activities in the future.

2. Implementation of Automatic Reward Distribution:

We’re implementing a new feature for automatic reward distribution, eliminating the need to wait for X World Games to distribute rewards manually. After the event ends, rewards can be claimed directly from the contract on the event page within minutes. Remember to claim your rewards promptly, as they will expire after 6 months (180 days) and become unclaimable.

Also note that the website instructure has been adjusted:

We’ll relocate the entry points for the NFT Marketplace, NFT Synthesis, Bridge, and Pool pages to the game details pages of Hero Card and Dream Card V2. You can access the pages you need here:

Rest assured, we won’t be removing these pages; we’re simply enhancing the clarity of our website structure.

Looking ahead, X World Games is committed to bringing you more surprises and innovations!

👉 For further information on the future of X World Games, visit Stay tuned for more updates and embark on this thrilling adventure with us!

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