Launching X World Games NFT Collections: Dive into the World of Digital Treasures

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3 min readOct 22, 2023


We’re excited to share some intriguing news from the world of X World Games. Our platform has recently rolled out its much-anticipated NFT Collection feature (, adding a fresh layer of depth to the realm of blockchain gaming. This update brings forth a range of exciting enhancements designed to make the NFT experience more accessible and engaging for players and collectors alike.

Exploring Game Details Made Easier

We’ve enriched the game details page with a new addition: the Collection section. Now, when you delve into your favourite games, you can seamlessly explore all the associated NFT Collections. The visual design of this Collection section adds an aesthetic charm to your gaming journey, making it all the more captivating.

The Fusion of Collections and Game Info

Information is power, and we’ve put considerable thought into this aspect. To help you better understand NFT Collections, we’ve curated essential details about each collection and its connections to specific games. What’s more, we’ve categorized NFT Collections, making it easier for you to grasp their purpose. According to our findings, most Collections can be broadly categorized as Profile Pictures (PFPs), Skins, Cards, Consumables, Characters, Mystery Boxes, Loots, Lands, and Passes. Your insights are invaluable, we invite you to share your suggestions to ensure we leave no stone unturned.

Laying the Groundwork for NFT Transactions

You may have noticed that our Collection and NFT pages resemble a standard NFT Marketplace. This, indeed, is part of our strategy to prepare the ground for upcoming NFT transaction features. What sets us apart is the thoughtful touch we’ve added to the Collection page. In the upper right corner of the webpage, you’ll find a quick link to access the game page associated with a particular Collection. Additionally, you can easily spot the Collection’s Category next to its name, simplifying your navigation.

Our journey doesn’t stop here. As a platform dedicated to the blockchain gaming community, we’re continuously developing new features to enrich your gaming adventures.

Join us in celebrating this exciting development as we embark on a new chapter in gaming with NFT Collections. Stay tuned for more updates that promise to elevate your gaming journey on X World Games. Your support and enthusiasm drive us forward, as together, we redefine the future of blockchain gaming.



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