Dream Card Holidays Cheers: 10,000,000 EXP Giveaway!

From December 24th until the 30th, play Dream Card for a chance to win some EXP items out of a total pool of 10,000,000 EXP (worth 100,000 XWG).

Event Period: December 24–30, 10:00 UTC

Participating users: All Dream Card players are eligible to participate

Reward Settings.

Division Pool: 9,000,000 EXP

Ranking Pool: 1,000,000 EXP

Division Pool Reward.

For the duration of the event, out of the 10,000,000 EXP prize, 9,000,000 EXP will be divided between players who fulfill the conditions listed below.

Division Pool Rules.

1.During the event, partcipants need to log in to Dream Card every day and complete 3 matches per day to qualify;

2.When taking snapshots of data, players with in-game account balances of 100 or more XWG tokens increase their chances at earning more EXP out of the 9,000,000 prize pool;

3.Players with Commander levels 6 and above increase their chances, additionally;

4.Transferring an exclusive Christmas Eva NFT card into the game will also increase your chances at earning more EXP from the pool.

5.All the chances mentioned above stack up. E.g. If Player A only fulfills condition 1 and gets 100 EXP as reward, Player B will get 200 EXP for fulfilling conditions 1. and 2. And if Player C meets conditions 1, 2, and 3 for example, they get 300 EXP and so on…

6.Any account with abnormal data (i.e bots) will be disqualified from this event.

Ranking Pool Reward.

On December 30 at 10:00 UTC, a snapshot of player account values will be taken.1,000,000 EXP will be shared among 20 players selected based on Consumption and Power rankings.

Ranking Pool Rules.

1.For the “Consumption ranking” here, in-game consumption refers to items purchased from the “Mall” using XWG during the event. Withdrawal fees are not counted. Out of this group, the top 10 players will be selected;

2.”Power ranking” here applies to players who have raised their Power levels the most during the event. Out of this group, the top 10 players will be selected;

3.Any account with abnormal data (i.e bots) will be disqualified from this event.

Additional Details.

1.The event statistical time cycle is 10:00 (UTC) on December 24–30,based on the game record data;

2.The 9,000,000 division pool reward and the 1,000,000 ranking reward can be obtained at the same time. A reward collection page will be added in-game within 5 business days following the end of the event.

3.Consumption refers to the consumption of props purchased by players using XWG, gas fees are not counted.

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