Bounty Hunter (Expedition 2.0) Gameplay Description

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2 min readNov 11, 2021


Story Background

In the first year of Dream Card, massive elemental chaos occurred in various parts of the Dream Land

Elemental chaos led to human insanity, monster riots, villages burning and cities falling.

The Empire offered high rewards to find the cause of the chaos.

A large number of bounty hunters rushed towards the chaos in the attempt of finding out the cause and claiming the high bounty.


The elemental riots have made Dream Land a dangerous place, so bounty hunters must abide the following rules:

1.For safety, you must go in as a team 5–10 people is recommended.

2.Depending on the concentration of elements in different areas.Bounty hunters who can restrain the elements of the area can gain an advantage.

3.Please make sure to return within the specified time, regardless of the outcome of the quest.

How to play:

1.Players’ card dispatch, reward calculation, reward collection and card withdrawal are all carried out in the form of teams.

2.Total number of team cards is limited to 5–10. The total number of cards dispatched is recommended to be a maximum of 300 cards, otherwise it will affect, or even cannot be withdrawn.

3.The total hashrate of the team = the hashrate of all cards + the quality bonus + the five elements bonus + the bonding bonus, without the bonus will not be calculated. Quality bonus, bonding bonus, five elements bonus, when multiple bonuses of the same type appear at the same time, the maximum bonus value will be taken.

4.Each edition of Bounty Hunter has different team requirements, see current in-game announcement description for details.

5.This event is open every 4 weeks and lasts 2 weeks each time.

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