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Welcome to Dream Card — the First Blockchain Game by X World Games

Welcome to Dream Card — a unique blockchain Trading Card Game (TCG) powered by X World Games (XWG), where players get to collect and create their own fantastic card sets to battle A.I. or other players.

The game aims to introduce blockchain and NFT gaming to non-crypto gamers. Hence, the in-game experience and the U.I. system are designed based on enjoyment and simplicity first, with a rewarding revenue system that players can quickly immerse themselves in this virtual blockchain gaming world.

What’s Dream Card?

The Dream Card is a multiplayer Trading Card Game (TCG) inspired by the tremendously successful Pokemon Card Game, where players can build, collect, create and battle their character cards with other players.

To start, players need to have at least one initial character card via purchase from the marketplace, everyday airdrop event or lucky draw. Each card has its unique attributes, and players can train and level up their character cards through battles and collect more cards to build their golden winning set of Dream Card.

During the gaming, players will be rewarded with XWG tokens through PVP & PVE plays and other daily events. The more you play, the more you earn.

Besides, Dream Card will build a decentralized marketplace where players can trade and manage in-game NFT assets and organize a global community that falls in love with XWG’s current and future games.

Let’s take a preview of some game features.

NFT Cards

Players can build and customize their character cards with different special weapons and types of equipment, not only for the card’s battle efficiency but also for the card’s uniqueness and value in the XWG world. All in-game character cards will be tokenized and represented by NFTs, which can be traded through the XWG marketplace.


In the XWG world, a DAO called Community Council will be created by XWG token holders. XWG-holders can make proposals and vote for essential governance decisions and game development plans, such as the airdrop’s frequency, the in-game PVE daily reward cap and the NFT card burning process. In the later stage, XWG-holders get to design their overall gaming economy, putting the XWG token value and ecosystem in their own hands.

Final Words

The Dream Card is the first launched game on the XWG ecosystem,and there will be more games to come shortly. It’s easy, fun and addictive. Players can easily create their first blockchain wallet and get an understanding of on-chain assets and NFT concepts through gaming tutorials. Hopefully, the Dream Card can bring in more and more new people from all places to the blockchain world.

X World Games is a unique blockchain-based game ecosystem, aims to make blockchain features simple and fun for non-crypto players to own their NFTs.



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