Welcome to Dream Card — the First Blockchain Game by X World Games

Welcome to Dream Card — a unique blockchain Trading Card Game (TCG) powered by X World Games (XWG), where players get to collect and create their own fantastic card sets to battle A.I. or other players.

The game aims to introduce blockchain and NFT gaming to non-crypto gamers. Hence, the in-game experience and the U.I. system are designed based on enjoyment and simplicity first, with a rewarding revenue system that players can quickly immerse themselves in this virtual blockchain gaming world.

What’s Dream Card?

The Dream Card is a multiplayer Trading Card Game (TCG) inspired by the tremendously successful Pokemon Card Game, where…

Hey X World Family

Here is the latest update following our September 7th Stolen $XWG Incident Solution

After having processed all the applications files, we’ve compiled a LIST of stolen $XWG calculations for our players.

September 7th Stolen $XWG Incident tallied a total of 46 affected players according to the latest customer service FORM with the amount of stolen $XWG exceeded 180K, all channeled to a malicious contract at its phishing address as previously stated.

Ensuring the safety of our Marketplace and protecting our players’ in-game assets remain our highest priority. As mentioned on the September 7th Stolen $XWG Incident…

X World Games and MDEX will launch a joint staking event on MDEX.COM on 22:00 (UTC+8) 18th September, with weight of liquidity, staking and trading adjusted to optimize efficiency and profit.

Here are the details of our joint staking event:

  1. Stake $XWG/$BNB LP on MDEX-Liquidity to earn $MDX rewards. (Lasting 45 days)
  2. Trade $XWG/$BNB on MDEX-Swap to earn $MDX rewards. (Lasting 45 days)
  3. Stake $MDX to earn $XWG rewards on MDEX-Boardroom.(Lasting 15 days)
  4. The top 10 mining pool LPs will be rewarded an extra set of Dream Card, featued Heroes will be unveiled once mining is concluded.
  5. The output of…

Dear X World Fam,

It has come to our attention that some of Dream Card players’ tokens have been stolen following a phishing permission incident on September 7th, causing nearly 200 players with Marketplace activities suffered a loss of game assets.

In order to protect our players’ on-chain assets, We had shut down our Marketplace for 3 days in order to stop-loss and to trace the scammer.

With our tech team’s tireless effort, we were able to I.D that most of the scammed players had received zepe.io’s …

The marketplace is now shut down for maintenance. May all players check and revoke approval to the malicious contract, a formal announcement will be made shortly where our devs will explain the issues of the loss of cards and $XWGs, and how they are going to resolve it. Also, a compensation package will be offered to those who are affected. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Guidelines on how to revoke the malicious contract:

Upon investigation, there was a fake contract floating around yesterday in the XWG market. Just to be safe for now, we recommend users to check…

Hi X World Fam,

The journey of the X World Games has been spirited and challenging for all of us. From the official launch of Dream Card on 24th June to being the most popular NFT game with the highest social signal, We would not reach such significant milestones without the support from our lovely community.

As of 7th September, the total number of Dream Card registered users reached 779,531, and the in-game battle times up to 21,000,000. For the XWG tokens side, the $XWG tokens holder address comes to 91,174, and the transactions reached a historic high of 443,806…

August has been a HECTIC month for X World Games! We’ve hit quite a few milestones on game development, community fostering, and the token market. As always, X World Games is committed to perfecting a decentralized gaming platform for the next generation. While fully acknowledging it’s a marathon not a sprint, we never ceased moving forward.

➡️Here’s a recap on what we have achieved in August:


🥇BSC MVB2 Top 10

🥈 Crytodiffer Top BSC DAPPs by Active Users — #2

🥉 BSC Top Users in 30 Days — #3

🏆 Coin 98 Top 10 Social Signal Projects — #4

Hi X World Family,

On the occasion of the arrival of September, we will launch a New gameplay upgrade-unlocking the skill slot of the common card, allowing your white-card characters to have a total-new and powerful skill. The skill embedding upgrade can enrich the diversity and playability of the strategy on PvP battles, while players can experience more fun of skill unleash.

X World Games constantly contributes to building a user-friendly community and always loves to listen to our community. We have received many feedback, complaints, and suggestions from our global community, which is full of wisdom and benefit. All…

In Dream Card’s world, there are three species-gods, demons, and monsters-co-existed on different planets. The nature of predation had driven their constant conflicts among the three species. The gods realized that such an endless fight would only break the ultimate energy balance of the universe and lead to the collapse of the entire space, so they had decided to ally with wild beasts to eliminate demons first.

Now, a New Adventure with Elo rating system led by gods awaits in Dream Card, the first TCG games launched on X World Games, with an all-new game experience arriving on the battlefield…

Hi X World Fam,

We will have two rounds of live streaming on the Play to Earn and X World Games’ Discord server playing the Dream Card game. The first round will start from 12:00 pm to 13:00 pm (UTC), on 26th August, on Play to Earn’s Discord server. The second round will be on X World Games’ Discord from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm (UTC) the next day, 27th August.

Dream Card is a strategic card game inspired by “Pokémon Trading Card Game” and combines blockchain technology. …

X World Games

X World Games is a multiplayer builder game, where anyone can buy and own virtual dream cards, collect and create exciting items and meet new friends.

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