Welcome to Dream Card — the First Blockchain Game by X World Games

Welcome to Dream Card — a unique blockchain Trading Card Game (TCG) powered by X World Games (XWG), where players get to collect and create their own fantastic card sets to battle A.I. or other players.

The game aims to introduce blockchain and NFT gaming to non-crypto gamers. Hence, the in-game experience and the U.I. system are designed based on enjoyment and simplicity first, with a rewarding revenue system that players can quickly immerse themselves in this virtual blockchain gaming world.

What’s Dream Card?

The Dream Card is a multiplayer Trading Card Game (TCG) inspired by the tremendously successful Pokemon Card Game, where…

So how’s July been treating our X World Fam? It’s HOT and humid where we’re at and while we hope that you are keeping it cool and dry, our team is keeping the heat on to pump out some more XWG fun!

We have reached a new high on game-related growth across all the board: registered users, daily active users, battle times, and $XWG token holder.

Our X World Games communities saw an influx of new players — yes the more the merrier!

What’s more exciting is that our game Metaverse started unfolding — gotta expand that playground with all…

Start from Vietnam

X World Games is the next-generation decentralized blockchain game ecosystem invested by Binance Smart Chain, CryptoDiffer, Au21Capital, Kyros Venture, BTX Capital…

X World Games Vietnam is organizing an event that will reward 10,000 $XWG to participants.

🏆 Rewards

- 01 first prize for a tweet that has the most likes and retweets: 1,500/prize

- 02 second prizes for tweets that have the second-most likes and retweets: 500 XWG/prize

- 40 slots for 40 lucky winners: 200 XWG/prize

Time: 22/7–29/7

🏠 Place: https://t.me/xworldgamevn


- Post a picture with logo/ picture of game/ DreamCard/ Website of X World Games on…

Hi X World Fam,

Our July Appreciation Airdrop is coming soon!!

This special edition is dedicated to our early bird players:

We will be offering 1,000,000 $XWG tokens in total!

The EARLIER you register(ed), The MORE you’ll be awarded!

Who can participate?

Any player registered prior to July 31st and has signed in Dream Card for 3 consecutive days is eligible to participate.

Please note: Players who have filled the pre-registration forms are already eligible with higher priorities, please DO NOT refill the registration form.

How to participate?

1.Follow our official Twitter @xwg_games

2.Retweet the post of the Airdrop event:https://twitter.com/xwg_games/status/1417442506766045186

Drear Dream Card players,

Since the launch of expedition mining, it has been widely loved by Dream Card players. A total of 3,749 players have participated in expedition mining and gained considerable benefits.

At the same time, we have also received a lot of feedback and complaints from the X World community about unreasonable mining experiences, urging the X World team to optimize the mining algorithm better.

Therefore, the X World Games Tech team decided to temporarily suspend the expedition function and redesign the mechanism of the expedition mining.

We are excited to announce that the Dream Card Mystery Box will be launched on the Binance NFT Marketplace at 11:00 AM (UTC),15 July 2021.

This time, Dream Card NFTs with astonishing new characters will be included, and cards are offered with the following ranked rarities and draw rates: common/88.12%, rare/6.6%, epic/3.3%, legendary/1.32%, and myth/0.66%. Moreover, Dream Card holders from the Mystery Box can be engaged with the in-game mining. Please view the mechanism of the expedition to learn more about the details of mining.

Dream Card is the first TCG blockchain gaming project in X world Games; all players…

📗What is the Expedition?

In Dream Card, players can dispatch their cards to the Expedition to mining XWG rewards, which will be based on the total XWG value contained in a player’s dispatched cards. The more the dispatched values, the higher the earning rewards.

✅How to Participate:

1. Players can dispatch their cards to the Hero Pool of the Expedition Legion to start mining;

2. The dispatched cards need to transfer to on-chain wallet addresses to start mining;

3. The dispatched card will be locked and can no longer join in-game battles, but the dispatch cards can be withdrawn at any time;

4. The revenue will be…

We’re thrilled to announce that Dream Card, the NFT trading card game published by X World Games, has reached a record-breaking 100,000+ registered users and 20,000+ daily active users (DAU) within only 18 days since its first launch on June 24th. According to DAPP.COM, X World Games is now ranked as #3 under Binance Smart Chain & Game categories.

Hi X World Family,

We have collected and documented a series of Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Dream Card since the Game launch, including how to swap your NFT Card into the game, buy $XWG tokens, and so on.

X World Games Tech team is working on bug fixing after the game launch since we received several bug reports. Sincerely apologies for any inconvenience brought to Dream card players.

Please read the tutorials depending on the Frequently asked questions(FAQ), Hope it can help you well.

Q5: How to upgrade your commander & role card?

🌈Hi X World Family,

It has been one month since we launched Dream Card, the first trading card game live on the X World Games platform. Thank you for the accompaniment of all the players; without your support, we won’t arrive here.

In June, We made a critical step on game update and market promotion, including launching our first NFT game: Dream Card, Writing a pile of the file to help players, and optimizing the user experience in: game and website.

Data Info & Analytics:

📆June 24 — June 30

X World Games

X World Games is a multiplayer builder game, where anyone can buy and own virtual dream cards, collect and create exciting items and meet new friends.

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